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Technical Analysis – Reading FOREX Charts

Technical Analysis - Reading FOREX Charts

Price charts can be simple line charts, bar charts, or candlestick charts. These are charts that display prices over a specific period of time. These time frames can range from minutes to years or any time interval in between. Line charts are the most readable and give a general idea …

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How to Make Money in Forex with Forex Raptor

How to make money in forex with forex raptor

Have you ever wondered how you can make money in the volatile money markets given currency and foreign exchange trading? Imagine that you opened a forex account and exchanged your currency for the currency of another country in order to earn money. Or imagine that you can trade any currency …

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Forex Course: A Quick Forex Guide for Traders

Forex Course A Quick Forex Guide for Traders

In this Forex course, we will look at some of the steps you need to take before embarking on your trading journey. Most traders enter the forex market without having experience in the forex market. This leads to painful experiences such as losing most of your risk capital and being …

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